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COST: $1500 per person

The program costs include all transfers, all entry fees, all game drives and game walks and accommodation on a dinner, bed and breakfast basis. Excluded are lunches on transfer days and the day spent in Kruger Park, drinks, gratuities and personal items. Please have a look at the itinerary page for more information.

We supply all bedding and towels, soap, shampoo and insect repellents. We offer a free laundry service.

We supply experienced builders and carpenters, all building tools and materials, all plants for veggie gardens, all chicks and rearing cages etc for chicken project, all fish and netting for fish farming project, all writing materials and books for academic support program.

You will need cash for lunches on transfer days (first and last days) and the two days in Kruger Park. Take some cash for personals and drinks. We supply free tea and coffee and drinking water. Our bar stocks cold drinks, wine and beer.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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