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At this point, we have identified 6 projects that will benefit from volunteer work.

Building Projects

Building Churches, clinics, creches, classrooms and a multi-purpose sportsfield for the local community. We will be making cement blocks on site by using river sand and water supplied by the church.

Sports Coaching

Individual talented volunteers will be afforded the opportunity to help improve skills in sports such as football, volleyball, netball and basketball.

Weaving Project

Volunteers will help in an existing mat weaving enterprise. In addition to actual weaving, we shall improve marketing and sales.

Developing Vegetable Gardens

Get your hands dirty to help plant subsistence vegetables in elevated and manageable gardens which provide a sustainable source of nutrients for the local community.

Academic Support Program

Volunteers will share their knowledge of academic work, especially in languages and mathematics. We will be guided by the local teachers. Teacher support and training will also be given.

Establishing Fish Farming & Chicken Rearing Projects

Nurture day old chicks and teach the local community how to successfully rear them. Help build small dams in which we rear Mozambique tilapia which grow quickly. Both are a good source of protein.

The projects have been selected so as to offer volunteers with different skills the opportunity to help these deserving people. Not every volunteer may be physically strong enough to take part in building operations, so we have provided alternative activities.

The projects have been chosen with two criteria in mind :

Urgency of needs and safety of our volunteers:

Viva Safaris has had personal contacts with each project through various previous involvements with each of the principals of the establishments. We have personally been to the schools and parish and have first-hand knowledge of the situation in all four projects. While there are many more potential projects in Acornhoek, indeed all over South Africa, we have selected these projects because we know that the needs are urgent. Once these needs have been satisfied, we may well include additional worthy projects in the future.

Safety considerations for our volunteers are paramount:

We have checked out any potential trouble-spots and will be monitoring the situation constantly. All four projects are located in areas where there have been no previous security problems. Our staff will drive all volunteers to the project localities and will remain with the volunteers all day. The communities are well aware of the benefits that they are enjoying through the work of our volunteers. They will also do everything in their power to ensure that all volunteers are made to feel very welcome and that no harm befalls them.

Viva Safaris’ previous experience in uplifting local communities has been noted and we are aware that the generosity of our volunteers is truly appreciated by the members of the communities.

You can rest assured that your involvement in these projects will not only be of great practical value to the beneficiaries but will also provide a truly wonderful sense of fulfillment to you, our valued volunteer !

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